Captain America: The First Avenger


Steve becomes a key figure in the experiment that will make him a soldier with superpowers. In the United States, I understand that without improved fighters, they will not be able to cope with the current challenges. In particular, the creation of the First Avenger became a necessity due to the activities of the criminal organization HYDRA, which professes the Nazi ideology.

John Favreau was considered to direct the action movie, but he preferred Iron Man at Streaming Film. Channing Tatum auditioned for the lead role, while Leonardo DiCaprio, John Cena, Matthew McConaughey and Jensen Ackles were considered for Captain America. Among the applicants was Sebastian Stan, but the creators approved him for the role of Bucky. Chris Evans did not agree to participate in the project for a long time, having refused the authors of science fiction three times.

Hayley Atwell (Peggy) trained intensely to achieve the character's fitness and was released from classes only once a week. Earlier, they wanted to take Keira Knightley for this position, and Emily Blunt even received an offer, but the actress gave a negative answer. Only in three countries the phrase Captain America was removed from the name of the action during the rental - this is the Russian Federation, Ukraine and South Korea. Daniel Simon specially prepared a vintage car for the picture based on the hit sales of the 1940s.